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Jaylon Sherrell, MBA

Organizational Behavior PhD Student

Employees - Identity - Technology

About Me

I am a 1st year Organizational Behavior PhD student at Harvard Business School. My current research interests include how employees' experiences, identities, and interactions are shaped and adjusted when working within digital environments. 


Leveraging qualitative and quantitative approaches, I have gained experience working on several research projects, as well as the opportunity to present for entities including the Academy of Management (AOM), Western Academy of Management (WAM) and Southern Management Association (SMA).


Much of my research has been informed by my years of industry experience within the Human Capital and Workforce Management technology industry. Hereby, I have had the privilege of working on projects and campaigns with numerous Fortune 500 clientele in several different industries.


Prior to now, I have earned two separate Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Communications with a minor in Spanish language, as well as an MBA degree.

Research & CV



My research interests currently aim to address the following topics:

  • The intersection of digital environments (i.e., virtual reality) and employees' behavior in the organization. ​

  • How identity shapes and molds experiences for employees within the workplace.

Research In-Progress:


  • Sherrell, J. & Javadizadeh, B. "Code-Switching in the Workplace."

    • Paper accepted and presented at Southern Management Association (SMA) in November 2021.

    • Symposium presented at Academy of Management (AOM) in August 2022.

    • Final Editing In-Progress

  • Tang, P.M., Sherrell, J., & Feng, Z. "Artificial Intelligence and the Workplace"

    • Data Collection Underway

  • Javadizadeh, B., Miles, J., Sherrell, J., & Amirian, M. Why good employees do bad things: The dark side of engaging in impression management motivated OCB.

    • Paper accepted to Western Academy of Management (WAM) in March 2022.

    • Final Editing In-Progress

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